Historical Wares

Items can be purchased at the Waverly Community House following your tour!

Waverly Community House Destination Freedom Passes

The Destination Freedom Passes are educational tools that tell the stories of significant individuals in the Underground Railroad Movement, including those on the Destination Freedom Underground Railroad Walking Tour Map. Each Pass contains the name of an actual individual, and their stories are told from a firsthand experience. $15

Passport To Your National Parks Classic Edition

Stamp your way through the entire National Park System with the Passport To Your National Parks® Collector's Edition. Beauty and practicality meet in this deluxe version of the popular Passport book, taking you above and beyond the Classic Edition by providing dedicated space for Passport stamps and cancellations from each of the more than 400 national park sites. The park sites are color-coded by region, each area featuring a color map that pinpoints park locations. With a spiral binding that makes it easy to lie open flat and pages graced with beautiful color photographs, it's the ultimate stamping ground. $30

Waverly Community House Apparel

Colorful, commemorative t-shirts celebrating 100 years of the Waverly Community House! $10

The Comm: The First One Hundred Years

A visual glimpse into the last 100 years of the Waverly Community House, spanning from 1919 to the present. $35

Passport To Your National Parks: Junior Ranger Edition

With the Passport To Your National Parks® Junior Ranger Edition you can Explore, Learn, and Protect while you visit, explore, and collect! Stamp your book with official park cancellations and specially-designed Junior Ranger cancellations, earned whenever you complete a park’s Junior Ranger program. Developed in collaboration with the National Park Service, the Junior Ranger Passport is full of vibrant illustrations by renowned artist Dave Klüg, includes a free set of colorful park-themed stickers, and is full of interactive educational content. You can also collect the regional sticker sets. The Junior Ranger Passport is the perfect introduction to the national park life for kids of all ages! $15

Passport To Your National Parks Deluxe Edition

Put your stamp on every national park experience with the Passport To Your National Parks® Classic Edition! Since 1986, Passport fans have grown to love collecting cancellations from nearly every one of the 400+ National Park Service units. This handy travelogue is highly functional, offering color-coded regional maps, need-to-know information about parks, an official NPS interpretive map, and plenty of space for cancellations and commemorative stamps from the annual series. The Passport Classic Edition is an ideal, economical, and portable way to preserve your fondest memories of America’s national parks. $13

Slavery in The United States: A Brief Narrative History

This handbook explores one of the ugliest chapters in American history with the intent to introduce the subject to readers and to encourage them to discover more on their own. There are dozens of National Park Service sites that preserve and interpret the story of slavery in America. Many sites depict how enslaved people did not accept their plight but developed their own culture in bondage and found ways to escape. $9

Guidebook to African American History in The National Parks

This concise guidebook provides an enlightening glimpse into how African American history is preserved and interpreted in America’s national parks. The diverse park sites provide a rich tapestry into the legacy of the African American experience. $9

American Indians and the Civil War: Official National Park Service Handbook

In a war that freed enslaved African Americans, most Indian people fought to stay free in a land once theirs alone. A crucial part of the Civil War story is that more than 20,000 American Indians fought on both sides of the conflict. Many who fought thought they'd be able to protect their lands, instead, federal Indian policy became stricter during the war, eventually leading to Westward expansion and the devastation of Native peoples. $13

The Civil War’s Black Soldiers

African Americans played a crucial role in the American Civil War. By the end of the war, 10% of the Union Army was comprised of African Americans. They filled roles from top to bottom: scouts, spies, surgeons, soldiers and commanders. Even though some northern whites they served alongside treated them with negativity, ranging from a lack of respect to contempt, African American soldiers fought bravely. This newly revised entry in the National Park Civil War Series tells the story of black soldiers during the Civil War. This version includes new higher resolution images and updated text. $10